The firm, Kastner was established in 1559. Kastner products are created from traditional European recipes.  They combine modern and technology as well as the latest production techniques. Kastner products are found in the most prestigious stores around the world such as Harrods of London as well as many of the famous Galleries and specialty markets of United States, Europe, Asia and Canada. While the packaging and the product deserve to be in the Specialty stores of the world, the modest price and universal tastes makes it suitable for all classes of trade.

Kastner Chocolate Covered Fruits
Chocolate Covered Pineapples
6.3 oz. box / 2 per case
$ 19.00 per case
Chocolate Covered Orange Peels
3.5 oz. box / 2 per case
$ 17.00 per case
Chocolate Covered Apricots w/ Liqueur
3.5 oz. box / 2 per case
$ 16.75 per case
Chocolate Covered Plums w/ Liqueur
4.4 oz. box / 2 per case
$ 16.75 per case
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